Friday, April 23, 2004

I can see clearly now...

We had some 3-D and 4-D done yesterday. The pictures are pretty cool. I thought I would cry when I saw them, but I was more anxious that we were spending good money to see The Baby covering her face with her hands. But the technician worked hard to get The Baby to move and also giving us breaks where we could try to encourage her to move her hands. Which she finally did. She's also already head-down, which is good news. The Baby Doctor couldn't tell last time we were there, but we saw it in the pictures.

The Wife looks forward to The Baby getting a little larger so that she can't get as much force into her kicks and punches. It is weird to see The Wife's stomach move like there are Mummy-style scarabs under her skin.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Wah wah wah

7 reasons babies cry (Probably mostly saved here for my later reference.

Congrats to T&F P on the birth of MI. :)

Oh... and altitude sickness probably wasn't altitude sickness as we've taken two trips since then to higher altitudes with no problems and on roads far more wind-y.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Canana bans baby walkers

Heath Canada announced a ban on the sale of baby walkers. ( They say it's for the protection of children who can't comprehend where they're navigating or know how to avoid dangers, but I think it's to protect children from neglegent parents who put their child in one and then don't keep a close eye on them until they hear the crying because the baby ran into the sharp edge of a table or tried to go down the stairs. (I've always thought that a lightweight adult version would help older people with mobility problems.)