Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Tale of Two Babies

Rachel at 5 1/2 months

Ben at just over 5 months

It's funny - I think they looked almost like carbon copies when they were newborns and brand-new infants, but already I think Ben is looking different than Rachel at the same age. I'm not sure if it's because Rachel looks like one of us and Ben looks like the other (and if that's the case, which one resembles who), or if it's just that they're each a different blend of the two of us.

Rachel's First Ring Pop

Rachel got a ring pop from my mom in her Halloween trick-or-treating bucket. The flavor? Blue Raspberry, or couldn't you tell?

The First Cold

Ben caught his first cold last week. Poor little guy was miserable, coughing a lot and sneezing and just feeling generally lousy. Even his eyes looked duller - see evidential photo above. I could tell he was starting to feel better when his eyes again began to sparkle and he tried to give me big wet kisses.

Of course, then *I* got the cold, but mine wasn't as bad and I was just happy that he was feeling better again! I hate when my kids don't feel good.

Happy Half-Birthday, Ben!

First - I can't believe it's been almost a month since either of us posted anything here. That's just plain sad, even if we *are* tired. So I'm going to try to be better about that.

Second - today marks 6 months since Ben entered the world! Yay! I can't believe 6 months have already gone by. It truly has flown, and it seems like it's been a much faster half-year than after Rachel was born.

Ben, you are a joy. Your laugh is infectious, as is your precious smile, and I love the way your eyes just light up when you see someone you love or when you find something amusing. You have a curious mind and catch on to things quickly. You're an enthusiastic eater, an explorer of fluffy stuffed animals and a connoisseur of whatever you can put into your mouth.

Our lives are richer for you being part of them. We love you dearly, little boy.

(Note: In many pictures, he now has an orange nose. He's carrying on the tradition started by Rachel. Like her, he's a big fan of sweet potatoes and carrots, so I'm trying to balance them out with green beans, peas and other non-orange foods.)