Saturday, October 31, 2009

May 12, 2008

I've been meaning to go and look for this for a long time but had never gotten around to it.  Here are all the Twitter tweets from that day.


Off to the hospital.
6:38 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Admitting. Oddly, an office desk in an office, not a walk-up reception-type place.
7:02 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

The Birthing Room - our new base camp until further notice.
7:11 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Dr. Sporl is here and Charge Nurse Julie seems nice. Nurse Elizabeth is also here but have not met yet.
7:15 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Doing the baseline monitoring.
7:32 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

And now, the endless paperwork.
7:38 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Apparently even this isn't a guarantee. But we're optimistic.
8:04 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Smart... the fetal monitor gets louder as the heartrate increases, making it easier to notice changes. Starting Oceans 11.
8:13 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Lori's getting an IV line added in anticipation of a drip. I am trying to find a DVD player on the computer.
8:19 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

A DVD player but no installed DVD software. Grumble. At least there's fast free wifi.
8:34 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Lori still waiting for Cytatec. I'm updating Windows Media Player again. Hoping to not have to buy software for this laptop.
8:43 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Curse you cheap bastards at Microsoft. Curse you
8:56 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

AVS DVD. Freeware. Rock on. Bet Macs play DVDs right out of the box. Bring on the 11. @BethanyWD - St. Federal Way.
9:02 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Cytatek away! And, again, let's see about that movie.
9:14 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

More paperwork.
9:51 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Round of monitoring complete. Taking a walk.
10:02 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Back to the movie and sudoku. Monitoring again in 10.
10:53 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Ordering lunch. Lori's being monitored, contractions more regularly, doctor checking again shortly.
11:37 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

They're not going to do the second round of Cytatek. Things are progressing.
11:55 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

Thanks @tacomachickadee and @BethanyWD.
11:56 AM May 12th, 2008 from web

oops. lunch. memo to self. Bring $$ next time. ATM did not like card, jogged to Wells Fargo.
12:32 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

i don't recommend the garlic chicken.
12:37 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

big contraction (they are all starting from 70 instead of 20 now) and he gave a good kick in the middle of it.
12:39 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

intentionally breaking the bag.... and suddenly I'm anxious again. And I have the easy job. Baby at -1.
1:00 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

Epidural when she wants it - well, 30 min. after she asks. And she needs to drink 2 liters of fluids first.
1:02 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

Oh. Not drink. The IV has been wheeled in and is plugged in. Listening to one of the mix CDs Lori made for today.
1:10 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

Lori now has three bracelets... ID, Alergies and a third one we can't figure out the purpose of.
1:16 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

contraction pain rating: 6. Concentrated breathing happening. I think I'll start talking less during contractions.
1:27 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

Lori says it feels weird, like we should be doing something baby-related, or something to bond.
1:33 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

Starting 'Fellowship of the Ring' I'm standing behind the bed, but for how long?
2:01 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

They've sped up the drip, and offered Fentanyl but she's so far declined because she doesn't want to feel loopy.
2:03 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

Update: She has changed her mind. Fentanyl(sp?)! Stat! 1-3/4 liters of drip before Ep.
2:04 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

now that it's kicked in, she's having trouble keeping her eyes open. But she's feeling excited again. This is SO different than last time.
2:20 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

Fentanyl wearinig off for Lori. I'm falling asleep in a chair.
2:55 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

2nd. liter of drip started, 2nd. dose of fentanyl. Hate seeing her in pain like this.
3:20 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

bedside, holding hand. suggesting she make up some fake swears.
3:37 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

prepping for epidural. blood pressure cuff, finger monitor, sitting up.
3:58 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

epidural is in and now they're just watching to see how it takes.
4:33 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

night and day. conversations, talking on the phone, feeling good. contractions still occuring, but not wracking poor Lori.
4:54 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

any time now!!!
5:03 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

5:15 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

dark hair
5:18 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

5:33 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

8lb 14
5:38 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

21 inches
5:46 PM May 12th, 2008 from web

actually got some decent sleep last night. baby is feeding well.
8:32 AM May 13th, 2008 from web

chilling at the hospital
4:11 PM May 13th, 2008 from web

at home... getting back into the swing of things.
2:11 PM May 14th, 2008 from web

Loaded the photos on Flickr. If you can't see them, you're not logged in, or you need an invitation.
6:00 PM May 14th, 2008 from web

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Verbal Progress

We're starting to see Ben make more concerted efforts at using words.

Last night he was walking around, drinking juice and eating Goldfish crackers, while the rest of us ate dinner, which he'd already finished a little earlier. After emptying his cup, he walked up to the table and very assertively said "More!" I told him that he'd had enough juice but that I'd get him some milk, only to be answered by a frown and "More! More!" I think he was annoyed that he was using the proper word, and it wasn't getting him what he wanted. James and I both had to hide our faces so he wouldn't see us laughing and be encouraged to be more demanding!

Then today I put him on the changing table, and as soon as I laid him down he said "All done!" Nice try, buddy.

What's also interesting is how darned perceptive he is. If I'm talking about him to someone, he stops what he's doing and watches and listens with a little smile on his face. He clearly knows that I'm talking about him and seems to enjoy that I'm telling stories about things he's done and said.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Going On With Ben?

is what you may be asking, since I did a Rachel update a few weeks ago and haven't posted anything on Ben lately. In a word: Biting.

Well, biting and hair-pulling. I've started to put Ben into time out in his crib when he does either. Today he's been in his crib 3 times for biting. He's been teething, but he bites *really* hard sometimes, and Rachel was never a biter like this. She did it once. He's done it A LOT. At least he's so far only bitten his immediate family. The hair-pulling needs to stop, too. He'll grab on and come away with a dozen or more hairs. I'm hoping both are part of a phase he outgrows soon.

On the flip side, today after his 3rd time out, I took him out of his crib and told him "I love you, but no biting. It hurts." Then I asked him for a kiss instead. He balked for a second, but then he leaned into me with a big, open slobbery mouth and gave me a kiss. He pulled back and I thanked him, and he pursed his lips and gave me another kiss. In his first year, he would sometimes give me big wet kisses, but he's been kind of shy about that for probably 6 months, so that was quite the sweet surprise!

He's definitely showing more comprehension of language. He responds to things I say and can clearly understand the meanings, although he's been stubborn about actually *using* words. Sometimes he'll say a word a few times, then he won't use it again for months, like he's just teasing us. "I know I can say it, and you know I know I can say it, but I'm only going to say it when I feel like it." We're anxious for him to use more words so that he can communicate his needs with us better and find himself frustrated less frequently. We know that will come, but it's hard to be patient.

Teething is taking an eternity. At 17 months, he still has just 8 teeth, and each one is a traumatic occurrence. Each tooth seems to take forever and bring with it so much pain. I wish it wasn't so hard on him and am looking forward to the day that teething is over! Poor little guy.

Ben tried peanut butter for the first time today, and it was a big hit! His hands were an absolute mess afterward and he needs a hair washing, but it's nice to be able to add another protein option to his diet. No symptoms of an allergy. He hasn't been allergic to other foods previously, although he did have digestive problems with some as an infant.

We went to Yakima over the weekend to visit James' grandma, and Ben is still not an easy traveler. He fussed for much of the drive to Yakima, although he blissfully slept for quite a bit of the drive back. He also slept fitfully while we were there, although that may have at least partially have been because the thermostat was set at 74 degrees for most of the time we were there. HOLY COW, it's hard to sleep when it's that warm.

Ben loves making noises and imitating things - a soda can opening, the ding of a timer, somebody howling like a hound dog or wolf - it doesn't really matter. If it's an interesting noise, it catches his attention and he tries to copy it. He's really good at some of the sounds, too. I'm working with him on animal noises. He likes mooing like a cow and he's great at roaring like a little lion cub.