Thursday, January 29, 2004


The Wife is starting to feel movement. And we used the monitor the other day and we think we can hear The Baby's heartbeat now. We also read that blood travels through the umbilical cord at over 4 miles an hour, going through the cord, through the baby and back out again in less than 30 seconds.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

For those of you who don't want to know...

...go have your own baby! On the other hand, we are having... a pirate! I'll try to get a picture later, but it never occured to me that if the sonogram goes through the mom, then it goes through the baby, too. We have a very clear shot of her head that makes you think "Yo, ho, yo, ho, a pirate's life for me." There's also a clear shot of the baby's spine and foot. The Wife still thinks the pictures are alien-like and wants to have a 3-D done so she can more clearly see the baby's face.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Carpool, anyone?

The Wife is excited by the news that a third member of our family means the carpool lane is wide open all the way to her job if The Child is Daycared for at her place of work or nearby.

Which begs a bigger question... shouldn't she be able to use the carpool lane now, or in the next few weeks? No, seriously, hear me out... in what I take to be good news, in the last few months we've heard more about crimes against a pregnant woman or her unborn child in some cases have resulted in criminal charges for the injury or death of the unborn child. Why? Because courts are considering the lifes to be "viable" -- that is, the child would have been able to live and grow outside of the mother at that stage. So, I think The Wife should be able to claim that she has a viable life in the car with her. She's just efficiently carrying it around without the need for a baby bjorn or a stroller.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Happy New Year

Things have been crazy...

We got one of those heart monitors, but we couldn't hear anything yet, so I put it on the cat instead and then convinced the cat to purr. The monitor is pretty cool. It'll be cooler when we can hear The Baby's heartbeat.

We now know 12 other couples who are pregnant, 11 of them somehow connected to our Sunday school class.

We've begun looking at cribs and strollers. Friends have begun giving and loaning us maternity and baby clothes. The Wife's Mother was in town for Christmas and we had a nice time together at Burlington Baby Depot looking at stuff. We haven't bought anything yet, just getting a general idea of prices and stuff. In addition to The Baby's New Ride, it looks like The Wife is getting a new ride too... the Elantra with its power-nothing just won't cut it. A recent trip with a Cat in a cat carrier on The Wife's lap and The Dog taking up the entire backseat made us realize that there won't be room for baby in this vehicle. Kids, don't buy a car when you're pregnant. You really don't need that additional monthly payemtn.

We've finally come up with a boy's name we're happy with. Neither of us were really thinking about boy's names that day, but I suggested one and The Wife signed off on it.

Apparently EVERYONE (no, really, every single parent on the entire planet) has told The Wife recently how she can expect to get no sleep once there's a baby. Thanks, we get it. We're prepared. Or at least I am. The Wife on the other hand is re-thinking moving the nursery to the other side of the house which oddly enough, came with soundproof tiles on the walls and ceiling.

We had the milestone blood test done before the holidays began and then had to wait until after the holidays for the results, but everything looks good. We'll hopefully find out the sex on Jan. 22. That is so far away.