Sunday, August 01, 2010

Philip Johnny Bob and Delores 2

Rachel's asked that we make sure everyone knows that the gray elephant formerly named Philip Johnny Bob has a new name. Her name is now Ella. (As an aside, Rachel and I gave my brother a similar elephant a few years ago when he was teaching fourth grade so that he could go on WebKinz and see what all the kids were talking about. And if you know my brother, you'll appreciate this even more -- he named his elephant "Tusken.")

And from the I-Can't-Believe-This-Worked file, tonight Rachel was in bed and had Delores, I could hear a constant stream of squeaks coming from her room. I went up there and asked her to tell Delores not to be naughty and keep Rachel awake, because if she did, she was going to have to sleep on the top bunk, instead of down on the bottom bunk with Rachel. I hear Rachel dutifully instructing Delores and I haven't heard a squeak since.