Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Verbal Progress

We're starting to see Ben make more concerted efforts at using words.

Last night he was walking around, drinking juice and eating Goldfish crackers, while the rest of us ate dinner, which he'd already finished a little earlier. After emptying his cup, he walked up to the table and very assertively said "More!" I told him that he'd had enough juice but that I'd get him some milk, only to be answered by a frown and "More! More!" I think he was annoyed that he was using the proper word, and it wasn't getting him what he wanted. James and I both had to hide our faces so he wouldn't see us laughing and be encouraged to be more demanding!

Then today I put him on the changing table, and as soon as I laid him down he said "All done!" Nice try, buddy.

What's also interesting is how darned perceptive he is. If I'm talking about him to someone, he stops what he's doing and watches and listens with a little smile on his face. He clearly knows that I'm talking about him and seems to enjoy that I'm telling stories about things he's done and said.

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