Wednesday, October 06, 2004

TV Free

I don't remember my parents watching much TV at all growing up. I thought that odd, especially as I began to be out on my own, off to college, studying communications and broadcasting and watching a lot of TV.

Now, the TV back then was pretty lame, but I suspect when Rachel sees reruns of what we're watching now, she may think the same.

But what I suspect actually happened is that time became more and more precious for my parents to the point where there was just no time left for TV. I'm already giving up shows I just started watching. Not because they're not good, but because I just don't have the time. With Lori back at work, our day starts around 5 am, earlier if the baby gets hungry, later if we snooze a little. It's a mad dash to get ready and out the door, off to the daycare, then drop me off at work and then Lori races on to work. In the evening, the opposite. Lori races out the door at work, swings by and picks me up and then it's off to the daycare to collect the little one. And then it's home again... feed the cats, play with the dog, do some laundry, eat some dinner, watch some TV, feed the baby, play with the baby, shower the baby, feed the baby, several diaper changes, and time permitting, clean the catbox or water the plants, and then off to bed to start the whole thing over again. It's not a rut, but it does not leave much time. Thank God for PVRs that can skip commercials with ease.

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