Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Beautiful Day

Has it really been that long since we've posted? A few days ago was my birthday. I decided that what I wanted to do was take the day off from work and go up to Santa Barbara. So I asked Lori if she could get the day off. She was able to. Funny thing is, when we announced our plans, people individually at our two work places asked "What will you do with Rachel for the day?"

I was a little stunned, a little saddened and a little annoyed by that question and I think it struck Lori as being odd as well.

D-freaking-uh. She's coming with us on the trip, we told them.

I mean, what's the point of going somewhere nice if I can't go with my entire family? What, we should put her in daycare while we away to some relaxing locale? Granted, there is a time and a place for mommy and daddy alone time, but a birthday away is certainly not that time.

We got up in a leisurely fashion, had a great breakfast of french toast sticks and fruit, enjoyed the morning sunshine. Longer than expected, but we didn't get on the road until 1. We got there pretty quickly and spent several hours just walking around the pier and street along the water, had some ice cream, watched a seal beg for food in the water and a giant albatross beg for food on the pier. We had a sub-par dinner at a fancy restaurant on the pier (avoid Moby Dick... overpriced and underwhelming food... nice atmosphere and good wait staff), walked some more and then headed home. It was after dark, but we just missed rush hour, so traffic was again fantastic. Cake and presents and it was time to get ready for bed so we could get up and return to the grind.

Rachel had a great time. Slept for the entire drive up, enjoyed her time in the stroller, enjoyed being carried, seeing all the people, the water, people's pets and the giant albatross. Pictures are on actual film since no one on the pier had batteries for our digital camera (D'oh), so it may be awhile before they are scanned. She slept through dinner and slept again for the drive down. The only time she seemed annoyed was when the sun was really bright... she kept burying her head in our shoulder only to pick it back up again to look around and then realize it was too bright and hide again.


Madame Marceau said...
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CeeSee said...

First Happy Birthday. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day. Those are the best days...doing the spontaneous with the whole family is really what our freedom and democracy is all about. It was so refreshing to read your thoughts on bringing baby with you. I totally agree with you...sharing and caring...God Bless you and your family and hope you have many more days like your BD