Monday, July 11, 2005

Tonight, on 'Rachel is so cute.'

(Reanactment/Actor Portrayal) Earlier this evening, Rachel was walking around with a tiny doll that she got for her birthday (part of a whole plush dollhouse from Adrea and Christi). She wandered into the bathroom and I heard a thud. I walked in to find that Rachel had pulled the scale out from where it usually sits, on its side, between the shower and the vanity and was standing her little doll on it, as if to weigh it. (I've used the scale to weigh Rachel before.)

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When my older brother Tim was very young his childhood toy was a hand-sized blue stuffed dog. It was named "Hutta" because for the longest time it was the only word (or nonsense word) Tim would utter.

One day at church my brother witnessed a baptism. Poor Hutta was destined to be baptised in the toilet so often that all his blue hair fell out. My parents tried everything, but my brother always managed to dunk his dog in the toilet.

He still has Hutta to this day. Furless, earless, and sans any remarkable features except for two beady little eyes, you wouldn't know he was once dog-shaped.

In conclusion, be thankful it was just a scale... but plan on keeping the doll for the rest of Rachel's life, as it will always conjure a chuckle or two.