Monday, October 10, 2005

Early Bird

You know when you're sick and you're sleeping in the middle of the day, and then someone is talking to someone in another room as you're returning to conciousness? This morning I felt like that when I awoke at 5 am. I thought someone was talking. I quickly tried to think about that... I didn't hear anything, but what could it have been? Lori was sound asleep. No TV or radio on. Maybe someone outside? But I had the sense that the conversation was one sided. There was no one who could be on the phone, we didn't have an answering machine, what could it have been? I went to the bathroom and on my way back, I heard the talking again. I quietly opened the door to find Rachel, holding a staff meeting or something with her toys. Yes, she woke up earlier than us this morning, and in a really great mood. She may have been cold. But it was so nice seeing her in such a happy mood. Often she's reluctant to wake up at 6:30 even though we've had lights on for 20 minutes prior to that.

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World Girl said...

That's so cute. :) Seeing pictures of Rachel, you and Lori, I can't tell which she looks more like. She seems to have both of your looks equally. She sure is darling!