Saturday, November 12, 2005


Tonight on the way home from church, Rachel apparently swallowed a piece of cracker wrong. I was driving so I couldn't see, but she started coughing and making gasping noises and even spit up a little bit. A really scary thing to hear and not be able to do anything about. Well, as I was changing lanes so that I could get over to the shoulder if necessary, Lori was turning around and turning the light on and Lori's mom was patting her on the back. I am so glad she was sitting back there with Rachel. It all turned out well, but it was freakin' scary. As soon as she was feeling alright and could breathe normally again, guess what she said?

"Cracker. Cracker."

They told her there were no more crackers in her bag. It was a lie, but one I was grateful for.

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