Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

"If you have a boy, you need to worry about one boy.
If you have a girl, you need to worry about all boys."

Should I be concerned that our little girl is already enamored by the Harley types?

If I can be stereotypical for a moment, think of the kind of guy you'd imagine as the average Harley rider. Big, tall, shaved head, mustache, maybe some tattoos. Whe she sees guys like this in the grocery store, she always lights up and says "hi." Granted, she will greet many peope, sometimes with and sometimes without prompting, but those big guys always make her smile. (Are they like bears or something?)

Anyhow, the other night at the restaurant, she was stomping around in the waiting area while I was finishing up with the check. Lori was right there with her. She starts to head towards the manager and so he kind of leaned down towards her and said "come here, come here!" She ran right to him to give him a hug and he lifted her off her feet and into the air which made her laugh with joy.

It was a little disturbing, perhaps she's too trusting. Parenting is not an easy task.

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