Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Send Grandma a Photo

NEWS.COM -- A few years ago a few companies started offering "remote photo frames" - you send it to grandma who plugs it into a power outlet and a phone jack and then you go online and upload photos and they appear on grandma's photo frame. I thought this was really cool and if it were a little less expensive, I'd buy quite a few of these. Along those lines, a company is now offering a "remote photo printer" -- similar idea - grandma plugs it into a power outlet and a phone jack. You go to a website, upload photos and they print out on her printer. I like this idea even better than the frame. It's permanent and she can show it to her friends when they get together for breakfast every week. (Or is this the further impersonalization of things where you can't even be bothered to print them yourselves and attach a quick post-it note offering your love before dropping into an envelope, addressing, adding a stamp and dropping in the mail?) More...

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