Saturday, February 24, 2007

That Of Which We Shall Not Speak

In starting and maintaining this blog, I've always desired to make it a look at parenting (and parenting in general) and a celebration of children, Rachel in particular. But I've always hoped that it would someday be something she (and other siblings? no, not an announcement) would be able to look at without declaring eternal hatred for me and running to their rooms and slamming their doors.

So some issues we've steered clear of. But I gotta say, there's something no one really warned us about and I'd love for it to stop. There've only been several major incidents, but two of them have been in the past few months. And only today's was really Rachel's doing. We put her down for a nap today without pants, wondering if she's been too warm lately and that's why she's not been napping.

Well, with ready access, when the time came, the enterprisingy little girl, instead of calling out for help, attempted to change her own diaper. With less than the best results. As always, things could have been far worse. But it's this kind of thing that no one remembers to warn you about or in any way stress the gravity of. Not other parents, not grandparents, not people at the hospital or in the pediatric office. And that is just how messy life can be.

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