Thursday, March 22, 2007

Unable to Predict the Future

As a parent, I sometimes think about what it must be like for a parent to have their child snatched from them. I don't necessarily mean kidnapped, but if something unfortunate were to happen and suddenly the child was no longer part of their life. I think it's a natural worry when you're suddenly responsible for such a tiny little life you've had the joy of knowing since birth -- and in some ways even before.

As I watched her brush her teeth tonight, I realized that's part of the equation. It's not just that one minute they're there and the next minute they're not. But that up until that point, everything was normal. You're standing in the doorway watching them brush their teeth.

I guess in some ways that's part of the uncertainty of life and same could be said of a car... you parked it and went into the store. You walked away and it sat there happily awaiting your return. And then a meteor hit it while you were in the store and you came back out to find only a crater.

I suppose I'm not making any sense. But I guess it's all about how you can never predict anything. And also that you can't worry about life or you'll turn into a useless ball of jelly afraid to leave the bomb shelter.

So instead all I can do is Thank God for breath, for life, for family and pray for future protection and leave it all in His hands.

In completely other news, I finally uploaded new photos. As always, sign in for the actual pictures of people.