Tuesday, May 01, 2007

First Time Obedience

We're doing the Ezzo parenting study "Growing Kids God's Way" at church. While they seem overly strict, I'm finding it really interesting. I'd only heard biased bits and pieces before and formed my own opinion before even starting the class, but to hear them explain why they teach what they teach, I have to admit that a lot of it makes sense.

Really interesting is the idea that at this age, when a child is asked to do something, there is really only one response... "Yes, daddy." or "Yes, mommy."

Anything else is willful disobedience. And so it becomes a matter of spiritual training, so that should there be an instance where disobedience isn't just frustration, but also a matter of safety or security, you and the child end up with the confidence that the right thing is going to happen. (Apparently as they grow older, they earn the right to essentially request an "appeal.")

Our little one isn't to this stage yet and likes to push the boundaries, see what she can get away with, whether or not we're going to hold her punish her or not. And that's the hardest part, being consistent.

But I think overall, things are probably better off for all of us because we're taking this class. I can see where I've been pretty lax in the past, or where I've been pleading and repeating and becoming exasperated. This course is giving me tools to help have a consistent framework in which to act and react and is helping Rachel to know what's expected of her.

Interesting stuff.

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James said...

Someone came on here and offered a website which offers an in-depth criticism of GKGW, only it was a criticism of a different series, the one for infants. We know people who have used that particular study, but we dismissed it as soon as we heard it. Unfortunately, the person who posted the comment also left no way to be contacted back. So, I've opted not to post their comments here. But wanted to mention this, in case they come back to the blog at any point.