Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Lesson We're Unable To Learn

For all of Rachel's life, there have been times when she has woken up, just crying miserably. Completely unconsolable. Crying hysterically. She won't tell us what's wrong, and when younger, couldn't. Won't wake up fully. You try to hold her and she just squirms and wiggles. She acts like she wants to be comfortable, but can't.

Diaper? Tummy? Bad Dream?

Every time, it finally dawns on us. Maybe she's just hungry. Get her a little food and bam! She comes back to life, immediately calms down, wakes up and is her normal self. It's such a weird reaction and I can't figure out why after three years we don't pick up on it right away.

I guess it's because it seems like it can happen at just about any time, even just a few hours after having had a good sized dinner.

(On the other hand, maybe writing about it here will cement it more firmly in my brain and we'll have better luck diagnosing it quickly in the future.)


Anonymous said...

she could have night terrors as they are called and feeding her just happens to snap her out of it?

James said...

We wondered about that, but we have a friend with a child that has them almost every night and it doesn't sound like she's describing the same thing.

She really doesn't appear anxious or scared, just unable to get comfortable.

Rachel has had some bad dreams (which aren't the same thing as night terrors, to be sure), but she'll describe those.