Monday, June 23, 2008

Ferocious Four

A typical stall tactic lately, especially at bedtime (or when already in bed) is to call for one of us because she wants to tell us "something." We'll come and it'll be something like "Tomorrow at Chuck E. Cheez-its I'm going to tell you something." (Yes, that's what she calls it.) Or "I love you."

Tonight, she was having a rough night of it and Lori and I were with her in her room. She was mad at both of us, but moreso me. Lori was between the two of us and Lori and I were sitting on the floor.

She tried to get around Lori and Lori blocked her and she said "Mom, I want to tell dad something ... " and as Lori started to move, she continued " ... and hit him."

It was incredibly wrong, but it was all I could do to keep my laughing stifled to point that only Lori could hear me.

Lori, looking curiously at me, quickly raised her arm, toll-gate fashion to block Rachel's path and save me from a beat down. (My hero!)

In all honesty, we are really struggling with Rachel. If we could give any advice to other parents, do not wait until your strong-willed child is almost four to have a second child. Especially if she is also empathetic and prone to be upset when others (like, say, a hungry baby) around her also upset. And don't wait until the week after her school gets out for the summer. In a northern state where it's not dark in the evenings until really late.

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Ada said...

Awh, she just needs time and a ton a ton a ton of reassurance. And even though its much more the "norm" to have the kids closer - I would argue at least she can use words to express herself. I don't think the upheaval is any different - people just chalk it up to terrible twos when the older sibling is two. Just imagine going through this time when the only communication tool Rachel has is screaming!

Abby and I have had very deep conversations about the changes in the family and believe it or not, she's been able to explain her feelings when I didn't really know what she was feeling.

And... yes, that is the funniest line.

Abby currently adopts my tone of voice and punishment system when she's upset with me. I am sometimes told that if I don't give her more ice cream I will never ever get to go outside again.