Monday, September 08, 2008

Trying to walk already

Ben has been pushing up to stand for a couple of months now. A few weeks ago, he started trying to move his feet forward, attempting to walk. He's got very strong legs, but the coordination will take a little time before he can actually walk. Still, I think that's pretty impressive for a baby who's not quite four months old yet.

One of his attempts was at the dinner table, when he stood up on my lap (with me helping to steady him, of course) and tried to step onto the table. I think he really wanted my dinner. He desperately wants to eat actual food. You can tell by how he watches the rest of us like a hawk when we're eating a meal.

He's got his next appointment on 9/17, and I think the doctor is going to tell us we can start introducing foods soon. I think he's still having some kind of reflux problem, and I'm afraid that might actually cause solid foods to be delayed, but I'm hoping that it's either subsiding enough on its own or that the doctor can prescribe medication to help him feel better.

He's still sleeping in the swing because that's where he seems most comfortable physically. We're going to try elevating one end of his co-sleeper to see if we can get him started sleeping there again. I'd rather he get used to sleeping lying flat so that if we're out somewhere, it's easier to put him down, since it's not practical to take the swing with us. It also makes our upcoming vacation a little stressful because we're not sure how he'll sleep in the hotel room. Currently when we're out somewhere and he gets tired and is fighting it, we put him in the carseat and swing it back and forth or rock it on the ground. He's getting pretty heavy, though, and we know he needs to learn to soothe himself to sleep if we're ever to have solid nights of sleep consistently.

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