Saturday, October 11, 2008

Feed Me

We often (Lori, mostly) hold Ben on our laps at the dinner table when we're eating.  For some time now, Ben has looked with interest at the food we're eating.  And grabbing at it and our plates.  Or following the spoon or glass as it moves past him, mouth open, waiting, ready for the food. 

So, we asked at his last checkup, almost a month ago and the doctor said that at five months, it was ok to start him on rice cereal.  We figured last weekend was close enough, so on Saturday, we gave him a small amount of rice cereal mixed with breast milk.  He just ate it up.  Took him a little bit to figure out swallowing, but he didn't spit up or throw up any of it afterwards.  That night, a really horrible night with not much sleep.

The next day, we tried again, and again, he ate very well.  After he was done, Lori handed him to me.  I took a spoon from the drawer and held it out to him and he grabbed it.  It took him two tries and on the second try, got it into his mouth.  Shoved it in too far and made himself gag a little.  After that, content to take it from me and then immediately drop it on the floor.  Again, a really poor night of sleep.

Being the intelligent parents that we are, we wondered if there was a cause and so didn't give him any the next few nights.   However, the miserable sleep continued, so by today, Lori was ready to give him more.  She made up a bowl, and again he ate without incident.  When done, more, he wanted.  So, a second, smaller bowl was produced, consumed.  And again, requested more.  So another small bowl was made, eaten.

We were worried that he was going to be upset at the blandness, but that has not appeared to be the case.  We have a little eating machine on our hands.

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