Thursday, December 18, 2008

How On Earth Does She Come Up With This Stuff?

Yesterday Rachel wanted to wear her Alice in Wonderland dress. We were standing in the kitchen watching the snow out the window when she realized the song "Winter Wonderland" was playing. And she said "This song is a complement. It's winter, and I'm wearing my Alice in Wonderland. It's 'Winter Alice in Wonderland'!"

I'm pretty sure she meant "complement" in terms of "goes along with," not "compliment" as in "I look good in this dress," but I have no idea how she knows of that usage of the word. Seems like every few days I hear her use a word I had no idea she knew and understood. I'm really curious to know what her I.Q. is. I think they test around the time of Kindergarten, so it'll be interesting to see how she scores. I have no desire to push her toward gifted programs, whatever the scores. It's high-pressure and you're competing with other people at the top of their classes, so it can be stressful. I think junior high would be the earliest I'd encourage formal "gifted" education if she was interested; otherwise, I'd rather she just do a good job in regular classes and enjoy learning.

In Ben news, still no teeth, despite what is apparently his complete misery the last 3 or so months. Not that he's been fussy and crying all that time, but you can certainly tell that the teething pain often bothers him, much more than it did Rachel. Poor little guy also had trouble digesting peas, like Rachel, and apparently blueberries. Not sure what else as I ended up just cutting back his foods to the first 4 vegetables, first 5 fruits and meats, in addition to cereals. He's now eating Puffs, too, although he can't quite pick them up and get them to his mouth without help yet. But he's gotten good at eating rice rusks. I never knew about those with Rachel. Although messy, they're large enough for younger babies to grab onto and steer to their mouths without much trouble, and they dissolve pretty easily in their mouths.

I'm now starting to reintroduce other foods again and hope that he does better with digesting them, although I won't be giving him peas or berries for a few more months. He's doing a lot of babbling at times and likes to say "Mam" or versions of Mama. He's also like a little growly bear sometimes - so cute to hear the growls and grunting, or the quick breathing he likes to do when he gets excited. He loves it when we imitate those sounds back at him, and he has the sweetest smile!

He's not crawling yet, but I don't think it will be long. He can scoot and roll around really well, though, so I have to keep an eye on him at all times and not leave him alone unrestrained for more than a few seconds. He'll be a month older than Rachel was at Christmas. It will be interesting to see if he's very much into tearing into gifts and his stocking, although I doubt it. He *does* like to grab things and stuff them into his mouth, though, so anything he can do that with should be a big hit!

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tvjames said...

That sounds so different than the gifted programs I was in from 3-9th. grades.

In 3-6th., we were bussed to a different school. We'd do interesting projects... mostly all right-brain creative stuff. No math, science. It was all stuff around synthesizing, deducing, stuff like that. Forming a radio station, building model cities, participating in Odyssey of the Mind, stuff like that.

In 7th-9th., it was an elective. But more of that stuff - challenging us to think creatively, artistic and architectural projects, fun stuff like that. No competitiveness at all, all collaborative. Much more like the teams I work on now.