Friday, June 11, 2004

Audio - Friday morning, about 9:40 am

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Kevin Marousek, RPCV said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Anonymous said...

Wow, CONGRATULATIONS to you and Lori! Please give Lori my best, I think that is totally cool! Of course we need to see pix of the 3 of you! :)


Anonymous said...

James and Lori,

Congratulations on your new daughter. It has to be the greatest day in your lives. It sure was for us. It adds more meaning to Father's Day now.

Larry, Leticia, and Nina

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! James - you are a daddy!!! Congratulations - she's gorgeous. I clicked on your site that Kevin sent out and Rich and I listened - beaming for you all - as you described your emotions on this wonderful addition to your life, your family, your legacy. Congratulations. Be well!

-Monica and Rich Hurley

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I hope you guys are enjoying every new second, every new blink, every new coo and gaga ... it's quite the trip.

I still can't believe mine are 21 months and almost 4 ... one obsessed with trains and the other quite the girl and just starting preschool. Goes so fast ... cherish every second.

Best wishes to all three of you!


Anonymous said...
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James said...

I was so thrilled to hear that your baby has arrived. Congratulations to you and Lori. This newest chapter in your life will be the most exciting! We are looking forward to that first glimpst of Rachel. I know she is just beautiful. God's blessings to all of you. -- Barbara

James said...

James and Lori, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrating with you,

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! (Just got an e-mail with the big news.) God Bless. -- Kyliah

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your baby girl! - Amy

Anonymous said...

James and Lori -
special CONGRATULATIONS on God's gracious and supernatural gift . . .

you will be great parents . . .

Rachel will be such a special enrichment to your lives . . . .

What a year .......... new house .......... new dog ........ and baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!

GREAT NEWS . . . you both are greatly loved . . . and now as a 'threesome' . . . fabulous!!!!!!

Gordon Kirk

Anonymous said...

James -

Congratulations and blessing to you, Lori and Rachel. The Crichtons will be praying for you all.

Dan, Laura and Matt

James said...

James and Lori:
This is so exciting and what a wonderful chronicle of the pregnance, false alarms, and delivery... I shared it with a friend of mine who is expecting. God bless and strengthen you in the days ahead.
To God be the glory for the GREAT thing He has done!

James said...

Blessings and congrats from the bottom of our hearts!!
Jeff & Elizabeth

James said...

Congratulations-there is nothing in life better. Andy B.

Anonymous said...


Our family is so excited for you! Can't wait to meet Miss Rachel!

Jeep, Michelle, and Mackenzie

James said...


I am so pleased in all the joy and fulfillment you both are experience in this beautiful and wonderful gift God has given to you. Praising God for a successful delivery and healthy baby -- May each of you find great fulfillment as you share your lives together.

Jerry Johnson

Anonymous said...

Congratulations James and Lori!! Can't wait to see your 'little lamb'!!

Love to you Three,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations James and Lori!

- Emil

Anonymous said...

Hi, James and Lori,

Hooray for Rachel Elizabeth!!!

Congratulations mom & dad Lamb. You guys are going to be terrific parents.

Thank you for keeping us informed.

May God bless Rachel all the days of her life.

Roger and Mary

Anonymous said...

Wahoooo! Congrats to the Lamb family. Hold her, love her, tickle her, and kiss her lots as she will wiggle her little way all the way into your heart. It's a wonderful thing! We look forward to seeing you all when we can.

Don, Evelyn, and Eli

Anonymous said...

James and Lori............. CONGRATULATIONS! Mark and I are so pleased to hear the good news....! God's blessings to you all... as you adapt and grow together as a family.


~ Deb

Anonymous said...

Congratulations James - parenthood is such a rewarding responsibility and gift!!!!! -- Mayra

Anonymous said...


We were anxiously waiting for this good news. I'll start my maternity leave this Wednesday (6/16), feel free to call me if you both want to catch some zzzz or just need an extra set of hands.

Shirley Margate

Anonymous said...

James — a huge 'congrats' to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! the photos...and DETAILS!!! -- Chuck

Anonymous said...

Congratulations James! What wonderful news!!! -- Emily

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the good news.... I saw the link to your personal web page -- and did see that Rachel debuted on Friday. How exciting! What a fun time you've got ahead of you.... As a father of 20-somethings, I'd advise you to enjoy every single minute of the short time (seems like ages on a day-to-day basis!) you've got raising her. Enjoy every stage and don't spend time wishing she would move to the next stage -- until, perhaps, she reaches puberty and the teen years!

May God richly continue to bless you all!


Anonymous said...

Well what an inspiring message from you about the new little member of your family!

I'm so happy for you and Lori and hope you draw much love from this time. What a priviledge we have to be parents in the first place.

We welcome Rachel Elizabeth!

Blessings to all!

Anonymous said...

Dear James & Lori, Congratulations!
Welcome little
Rachel Elizabeth Lamb!
Love in Jesus, Kathryn :)

Anonymous said...

James and Lori,
Congratulations! We're in New Hampshire right now, but we look forward to greeting little Rachel when we return! -- Katie & Brett

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, James and Lori!

I feel somewhat responsible in getting the two of you together, and I was just wondering on my daughter's 2nd birthday (May 8 2004) if you had any children yet. Now I know! I'm so happy you had a little girl! It's the best!

Lori, feel free to contact me at - I'd love to get together down the line and exchange baby stories.

Lena D., Tommy and little Jessica

Anonymous said...

Hi James! Congratulations! Praise to our Father who safely brought Rachel and Lori through the process of birth. He is so good.

Thank you for sharing the website. I really enjoyed looking at the photos. I spoke to Lori today...maybe Yann, Maddie and I can come for a visit sometime soon.

God bless you all and speedy recovery to Lori!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the birth of Rachel Elizabeth. I trust everyone is doing OK.

James said...

Wonderful news! So VERY happy for you two!

We look forward to getting together and meeting Rachel and seeing how Lori is recovering. We were gone this weekend or we would have come by the hospital to celebrate with you.

Please send Lori and Rachel our love!
Amy & Michael