Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Crying Wolf-Boy

We made another trip to the doctor's office today because we had the kind of symptoms that when we had them last time and didn't call right away, they got kind of upset with us.

Turned out to be nothing.

So we got sent home again. Then there were new symptoms, so we called again. They thought it was nothing and said it was probably a result of the exam and to monitor the situation and let them know if it changed.

So, probably nothing.

I think the lack of experience is what makes having the first child so difficult. You don't know what to expect and the symptoms can vary so much from person to person. The descriptions aren't always accurate or don't quite fit and you want to be cautious, but you end up feeling like you're crying wolf. But I expect that's a common feeling shared by many first-time parents-to-be.

Contractions are occuring. The pain is increasing and The Wife is now re-thinking the idea of trying to stick it out and see if an epidural can be avoided. KP told us that she had an epidural when she had D which allowed her to enjoy the process more and really share the moment her husband M versus just having to focus so much on the pain. So, the jury's out. Anyhow, the timing is being monitored and we're ready to go at a moment's notice. Car is all packed except the laptop because the battery is charging because I ran it down earlier today.

But regardless, if we're not up to speed by 9 am tomorrow, in goes the pitocin injection and contractions are sure to ramp up and soon, Baby.

If it all works correctly, I can phone in the announcement and have it appear here as soon as The Baby makes her debut. Otherwise, the silence will mean we're offline for a few days and you can reach us by cell phone.

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