Saturday, July 03, 2004

Day 21

Things have gotten interesting. The baby gave us a really easy first week and now is exhibiting behavior everyone warned about. She's not sleeping through the night regularly and it sure is interesting. Or tiring. We're weathering it, but only because we can sleep in. Last night she just did not want to go to sleep. She'd need a change, she'd want to eat, she was fussy because of gas and fussy because she didn't want to sleep. I kept waking up, but Lori was never able to get to sleep. So I finally kicked Lori out and she got about 30 minute's sleep on the couch before Rachel got hungry and I had to go wake up mom. After Lori was asleep again, it wasn't too long before Rachel started to indicate that she was hungry again. I was not waking up poor Lori again so I broke out the emergency Similac. Rachel had no problem taking the bottle and quickly sank the entire thing and then was happier.

It is also fun to watch her become more self-aware. She's starting to learn that she has a tongue. She makes faces and sticks it out repeatedly. And last night she was stroking her own head, feeling her hair. And she's making more faces at us.

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