Thursday, July 29, 2004


Sleep seems to be a constant topic when you have a new child.  Last night would be one of the better nights, I think.  We've started giving Rachel a quick shower each night.  We're striving for the same time each night, but we're not yet consistent.

But she seems to enjoy the shower much better than a bath, and it's quicker.   She seemed very slippery at first, but I've got the hang of holding her tightly.  I just get in there in my underwear and turn the water on to where it's a little cooler than I prefer and then Lori hands the baby to me.   Afterwards, Lori comes in with a towel and I pass her back to Lori.

After the shower we feed her and then put her in the cradle in our room.  She's been sleeping for a few hours consistently after that.  We've also stopped speaking (only whispering) once the shower is over.

We think as we continue to do the schedule that she will start to learn to sleep longer each night.  We're encouraged so far and that leads us to wake up in a better mood each day.

Separately, the meals have ended.  For the past month, three days a week couples from our adult fellowship have been bringing us a combination of homecooked and take-out.  It has been very nice.  We've been exposed to new kinds of food and had some good food we wouldn't have otherwise tried on our own.  We'll be back to fending for ourselves.

And with 6 to 8 babies still on the way in the class, we'll soon be taking meals again ourselves.

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