Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Gas We Pass

As Rachel screams because of pressure built up in her body that she's been unable to relieve by burb or otherwise, I suddenly had a thought... we go through several phases of gas-passing.

Phase I - we cannot pass the gas regularly and it hurts. Our parents cheer when we successfully break wind.

Phase II - we can pass the gas regularly. Boys cheer other boys when they rip a good one.

Phase III - we can pass the gas regularly. But for some reason, it's no longer cool. This was decided the first day of 5th. grade when I was growing up. I don't know who decided it. When there are no girls around, it's still OK to cut the cheese.

Phase IV - we can pass the gas regularly, but there's never a good time. At work, that's just bad form. At home, you're keeping up appearances for your spouse or trying not to encourage a "bad habit" in your children. In the bathroom, the bowl just amplifies the noise. (Is that a cruel irony, or what?)

Phase V - the gas passes. Whether you want it to or not. Sometimes you're not even be aware of it, or aware that it was you who dealt it.

Ah, success. Little Rachel has kept her dignity and instead spit up.

The audio of Rachel at the keyboard took over 24 hours to arrive and sadly, it didn't turn out well. I guess we'll have to go back to the studio for another recording session, probably tomorrow. It's Rachel's 3rd. month of life today and her parent's 5th. anniversary.

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