Monday, September 27, 2004

Gasp... a clasp

Baby went to the doctor today. The absence of a fever or runny nose made the doctor think that it's pretty mild and is even safe for her to return to daycare soon. Good, because mom's got a busy week firing people and can't take much time off and dad is out of sick days due to a dumb company policy requiring you to take all of them before you go on a paid family leave. Yeah, great, leave the dad with no sick days. Dumb policy.

Anyhow, the baby is wheezing less and coughing less, but her cry is still different, more subdued, like "I don't feel good." But when she's not crying, she's her happy self, smiling, giggling.

A few new developments presented themselves in the past few days. She's "dancing" -- I hold her in a standing position and she wiggles and waves her arms, and she's now hugging stuffed animals and tonight she was clasping her hands together -- and did it repeatedly, something Baby Center says you should look for in month six.

Last night she sent her first e-mail. We could not read it, but she would press on the keys and look at the screen. The spacebar and the m-key were here favorite keys. And today she helped with a birthday card for mom. She holds a pen in her hand and I hold the paper and she moves it around. She did that for cards to her grandparents last month, but this time I was smart and put plastic on the table first so there was less chance of pen on fabric or table. She wasn't that interested today, though, so there wasn't much in mom's card. (I was feeling funny... the 4 cats and dog also all signed another card by biting it/slobbering on it.)

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