Tuesday, November 09, 2004

That Can't Be Good

When comparing notes with other new parents, it would seem that we must be bad parents. Because our child watches TV and looks at the computer. Well, the only TV we specifically let her watch are the Baby Einstein videos and Bear in the Big Blue House. She especially loves when bear presses his nose right up into the screen and sniffs as if he's sniffing the baby. She giggles when he does that.

Well, anyhow, before the show, they have little things talking about exploring and thinking and stuff like that. But one of the interludes shows a child on his hands and knees dressed up like Sherlock Holmes, with a magnifying glass. And he's examining a trail of ants.

A boy with a magnifying glass looking at ants.

Ummm... let me say that again. A boy with a magnifying glass looking at ants. Was no one at Disney actually thinking when they put that together?

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