Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hey, Jealousy

Without any real questions about how I had two beautiful girls on my lap, I guess I've had my fun.

The other little girl is Kinley, we were at a picnic with our Sunday school class. Some of you were able to see the picture of her older sister Kira (at 7 month) on my lap at the fourth of July picnic in 2002. Everyone swore that she was my daughter in the photograph.

Well Kinley had just fallen down and gotten a really nasty bump on her head, so her mom decided it was time to go. She asked us to watch Kinley while she went to find Kira and her husband. Kinley was quite upset from the fall so I held her on my lap to calm her.

Rachel came up and regarded us, so I brought her in to sit with us. For awhile they were fine. Kinley's about four months older than Rachel. But after awhile, Rachel started to show signs of being upset, not from being held, but from Kinley being there.

It should be interesting to see how she reacts to a younger brother or sister. (No, this is not an announcement.)

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