Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What's In a Name?

Baby Center released top names for about twelve countries. Pretty interesting how international most names are, with the exception of Norway (7 of their top 10 were unique to their country, among those surveyed.) The most international name was Sophie/Sofia and the only country not to have a name unique to itself among the list? Australia.

Abigail (US)
Aimee (N.Ireland)
Alba (Spain)
Amy (Ireland, N.Ireland, Scotland)
Andrea (Spain)
Anna/Anne/Ana (Austria, Germany, Spain)
Aino (Finland)
Aoife (Ireland)
Aurora (Finland)
Charlotte (Australia, NZ, UK)
Chloe/Chloƫ (Australia, Ireland, N.Ireland, Scotland, UK)
Ciara (Ireland)
Claudia (Spain)
Ella (Australia, NZ)
Ellie (N.Ireland, UK, Scotland)
Elina (Finland)
Emma (Australia, Ireland, N.Ireland, NZ, Norway, Scotland US)
Emilia (Finland)
Emily/Emilie (Australia, NZ, Norway, UK, US)
Erin (Scotland)
Georgia (NZ)
Grace (NZ)
Hailey (US)
Hannah (Austria, NZ, US)
Ida (Norway)
Ingrid (Norway)
Isabella (Australia, US)
Jessica (Australia, NZ, UK)
Johanna (Finland, Germany)
Julia (Austria, Finland)
Julie (Norway)
Katariina/Katharina (Austria, Finland, Germany)
Katie (Ireland, N.Ireland, Scotland, UK)
Kaitlyn (US)
Laura (Austria, Germany, Spain)
Lauren (Scotland)
Lea/Leah (Germany, Ireland)
Lena (Austria, Germany)
Leonie (Austria, Germany)
Lisa (Austria)
Lucia (Spain)
Lucy (Scotland, UK)
Madison (US)
Malin (Norway)
Maria (Finland, Germany, Norway, Spain)
Marie (Germany)
Marta (Spain)
Megan (UK)
Niamh (N.Ireland)
Nora (Norway)
Olivia (Australia, Finland, NZ, UK, US)
Paula (Spain)
Rachel (Ireland, N.Ireland, Scotland)
Sara/Sarah (Australia, Austria, Ireland, N.Ireland, Spain, US)
Sofia/Sophie (Australia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, N.Ireland, NZ, Scotland, UK)
Thea (Norway)
Tuva (Norway)
Vanessa (Austria)

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James said...

Oh, and our choice for boy's name was near the top of 6 of the 10 countries surveyed.