Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And then there were two...

The more I learn about the place I'm temping at, World Vision, the more I am just amazed at the passion and concern, and the level of excellence with which they attack the root problems affecting children around the globe.

If anything, I wonder if World Vision suffers from a image problem where many people like me knew them mostly just as the place that allows you to send them money each month to sponsor a child "for less than the cost of a cup of coffee" but not really understanding what that really means. (I would always think to myself "who buys coffee every day?")

I've learned in my short time here that World Vision isn't just about sponsoring children, it's about changing the world and making it a better, safer and healthier place for children. Considering how much I love Rachel, the thought that these people who work around the globe to give opportunity, security and love to children makes my eyes well up with tears.

To that end, meet Alexsandra of Brazil. She's not our daughter. She has a mother and a step-father. We won't take their place. We can only love her from afar with our prayers, our letters and gifts and our tiny little monthly pittance. Maybe someday travel to Brazil and meet her.

We aren't singlehandedly changing the world, but we're helping a tiny little spark and hopefully giving Rachel a lifelong friend to grow up with, to help her better understand her place in the world and be grateful and amazed by the opportunity she has here in America and why it should not be taken for granted and why we should do what we can with the abundant blessings we've been given to try to improve someone else's odds.

Alexsandra was born on 06/30/04, a few weeks after Rachel. There are many, many children still hoping to find sponsors, especially older children because people like me keep going in and sponsoring the younger children.

Please consider sponsoring a child.

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