Saturday, April 08, 2006

Prayer Time

Toddlers love routine. And when you fail to provide them with the routine, they will let you know. She had her bath, said goodnight to Grandma, I read to her from the Bible and we put her into her crib, but we had forgotten something.

"Pray" she said, standing in her crib, arms out to us. So we took her hands and Lori said a short prayer as is the norm. When we were done she requested "pray" again.

So we asked if perhaps she wanted to pray and she said yes. So we all took hands again and we asked if she was going to pray to God. Her words were not clear, but they were clear enough to understand what came next: "Thank you Jesus for Allison and Josh." I may be paraphrasing just a bit (it was probably more like "Thank you Jesus something mumbled Allison Josh") but the sentiment was there and heartwarming. Especially since Allison's someone she's only met twice and Balash (who she's calling Josh) once.

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