Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Farewell, little turtle.

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It was a sad weekend. Rachel's little turtle Booster disappeared.

And we stooped to a new low, doing the unthinkable. We had to call three stores before we found a little turtle that looked identical to Booster and gave it to her, letting her think it was Booster.

Click on the picture to the right to see a photo of Rachel hugging Booster II.


James said...

Booster is actually Verne, from "Over the Hedge," one of the toys that comes in the children's meals at Wendys.

Why all this trouble for a little tiny toy? She quickly bonded with the little toy and named him "Booster" all by herself - because she got to sit in a booster seat.

Big thank you to the Wendys in Federal Way who held one for us and then didn't charge us for it when we went to get it. The other stores had already run out of them.

Madame Marceau said...

don't you have a birthday about now?