Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Rachelisms

Tonight I got home late from a bible study and Rachel was already to bed. And by "to bed" I mean she was in there, in the dark, talking as she often does for 90-120 minutes each night after we put her in her crib. It's just what she does.

So I snuck in there and she watched me come in, but didn't say anything. I looked at her and she gave me a tiny smile but otherwise didn't say anything. So I crouched down to look at her through the bars. She slowly crawled up to me and -- almost inaudible -- whispered "hi"


Rachel comes to visit me at work once a week to join me for lunch and a walk around the retaining pond. Two times now, looking at ants who cross the path, has declared that the ants are "gorgeous."


Lori and I watched some old videos last night of Rachel when she was just starting to walk along the edge of the room. It was really sweet.

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