Wednesday, December 06, 2006

James Kim Found (Deceased)

I've been watching this rather sad story unfold since I first heard about it last Friday. A family, after visiting friends in the northwest were traveling back to California. They had attempted to get from the 5 to the Oregon coast and became stuck. By Friday they had been missing for almost a week. While I'm not familiar with James Kim's work, he was a senior editor for CNET, a site I have been regularly visiting since its launch in 1994. After becoming stuck, they ran the car at night for warmth and even removed and lit the tires on fire to try to make a signal fire. More than a week later, on Saturday, at 1:30 AM a cell tower picked up a ping from a cell phone which renewed hope. After at lot of searching, two days ago Kati flagged down a rescuer and she and the two daughters were rescued and are said to be in good condition. Sadly, two days before that James had set out for help. His body was found today. It doesn't say much, but based on the description of the clothes they found, I'm guessing he succumbed to hypothermia. This is really tragic after such a wonderful bit of news at the recovery of the other family members. And I know I would have done the same thing, trying to set out for help. No snarky comments about Oregon today, but it just goes to show how important a good emergency kit is in every car and how dangerous these cut-over routes are between the 5 and the coast in Oregon. Just a real tragedy. Please pray for the family and James' coworkers.

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