Sunday, December 10, 2006

Parents Magazine Speed Reading

Ok, I have a bunch of issues of Parents Magazine here. Lori hands them to me when she's done with them and I've been piling them on the floor with all the Newsweeks I haven't read.

In an attempt to clean up, I'm going skim all the magazines and mention the stuff I found interesting here. Ready? Let's go.

Neutral Tones for Clothing - bright colors and floral patterns are more likely to attract bugs, especially mosquitoes and bees.

Why Do Babies Like to Watch (or have Read to Them) the Same Thing Repeatedly? First, it helps them with vocabulary. They have all these thoughts rambling around in their brains. This helps them develop their vocabulary. Also, their memory. As they begin to remember the story, they are excited to be able to know what's coming next.

Pacifiers Are Good Again - Doctors now believe newborns who sleep with a pacifier are more sensitive to stimuli, making them more likely to react if they find themselves in a position where they can't breathe. (Recommend waiting on a pacifier until they've gotten proficient at breast feeding.)

TV and Food - Children who regularly watch TV while eating are more likely to eat more than children who also watch a lot of TV, but not while eating. Scientists believe that the children are distracted by the TV and ignoring their own bodies' cues telling them they are full.

Separation Anxiety - One family had the children push them out the door at the daycare. It was so much work and fun for the kids that they forgot to be upset that the parents were leaving.

Well, one down three to go. But, that's enough for now.

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