Wednesday, November 07, 2007

For the baby...

So Rachel's known about the baby for some time now. We even designed and created a shirt for her that says "Big Sister in Training."

We've been showing her ultrasounds and drawings in books since Lori's not quite big enough for it to make sense to Rachel yet. But she's been singing to the baby and talking to the baby.

And last week when we did a stuffed animal purge with her, we pulled out a few toys that would be good for a baby (stuffed rattle, stuffed duck with teethers for feet and wings) and she pulled out another one and put in our room with the others and said it was for the baby.

And then yesterday when shopping for clothes, she chose a tiny, tiny pair of beige boots. Pretty unisex. Said that we had to get them for the baby.

Of course, at other times she's said that her friend baby Nicole was going to come live with us and be our new baby.

She's pretty confident that she's having a sister. Only occasionally does she say "sister or brother."

We're feeling like it will be a boy. I'm hoping it will be a boy. Though I'm limiting my prayers to health and development. I'm not going to pray that we have a boy. I will be extremely overjoyed either way. I am already extremely overjoyed.

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