Friday, May 09, 2008

The Final Countdown

Well, we're down to the last weekend before baby Ben's arrival into this world. Which means my weekend will be full of decluttering and doing any last-minute things I'd like to have done before his birth. Mostly clearing off our dining room table, which is embarrassingly full of stuff, clearing up the piles that have accumulated in our bedroom, and other boring cleaning tasks. Probably cleaning the bathrooms so that'll be done and they'll be nice and fresh again for the beginning of the week. Getting the morning glory planted that Rachel grew from a seed in her preschool class, lest I delay too long and kill the plant, resulting in the question "Mommy, why did you let my plant die?" every week or so for MONTHS ON END.

I had wanted to get some meals made ahead of time and put in the freezer, but I only have the freezer that's on top of the refrigerator, and there's not a ton of space in there, so it's not that big a deal that I didn't get to that. I do want to buy a separate freezer, but we haven't really had the funds for that yet. But our church should be coming through with some meals for us a few times a week for the first few weeks, so that will help.

It's a little hard to really grasp that we'll have a newborn again in just a few days. I'll admit that I'm nervous about readjusting to life with such a dependent little person, after seeing Rachel grow into a largely self-sufficient little girl. Granted, she still wants a lot of our attention, but she's able to feed herself, get dressed, have conversations, find ways to amuse'll be weird to go back to the constant dependence again, but I think the joy of having Ben in our lives will more than make up for the time and attention he'll require.

Induction is scheduled to start on Monday, 5/12 at 7am if I haven't begun labor before then. A tablet at 7am, a tablet at 10am, then a slow drip of Pitocin at 1pm if the tablets haven't caused contractions to start.

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