Thursday, May 01, 2008

No news yet

My next doctor's appointment is tomorrow. As of last week, I was dilated to 3cm and 70% effaced, so it'll be interesting to see if I've made much progress since then. I've had some regular contractions here and there, but they've mostly been sporadic the last couple of days. Granted, I don't notice many of them because I'm so used to the tightness in my abdomen after having Braxton-Hicks start around 23 weeks this time. So I may be having more than I realize, but they're mostly not uncomfortable enough for me to really pay attention and time them.

I know things could start any time, but it sure doesn't feel like they will. I just wish I had more energy so that, while we wait, I could get more household tasks and errands done. Especially since both will be a bit more difficult once Ben's actually here, unless he ends up being a very laid-back baby. Which would be AWESOME.

James' coworkers threw us a shower today, and we got some fun gifts and some great practical things. Rachel came, too, and had a ball helping to open up packages. It was nice for her to be able to participate, since I think she must be thinking "How come there's all this new stuff for Ben and hardly anything for me?" We did have a really thoughtful couple who brought a gift for Rachel to the baby shower our church gave us on Saturday, and I love that they did that. We got some great things at that shower, too, and don't have too much that we still need to buy in order to be ready, so that's been such a big help. Money has been tight, but God's really been providing for our baby needs through the generosity of others, and we so appreciate it!

Hopefully somewhere in the next couple of posts will be the one announcing Ben's arrival :)

I'm also trying to think of what Rachel's been doing lately. I haven't been good about posting her comments and actions the last few weeks, and my memory is just shot right now, so it's hard to think back and come up with some. She's enjoying her preschool and all the kids in her class. Sophie and Hannah are her "best friends" there, although she ran down the list of all the kids in her class the other day and called them all her best friends, so she likes them all pretty well, too! There's a total of 11 kids in her class, which is a nice size for her first school experience.

She's registered for next year, when she'll be in the pre-K (!) class. Hard to believe she's only about 16 months away from being a kindergartener. I can still remember her arrival into this world so clearly, especially now that we're just days (hours?) from welcoming Ben. It's amazing how quickly they grow, and I just hope I remember to treasure this time with her instead of always looking ahead to the next milestone or wishing she'd outgrow the temper tantrums and bargaining. Something I read in a magazine recently totally fits her: Preschoolers are experts at renegotiating the terms. Amen to that!

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