Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Future Olympian?

Rachel has taken a great interest in watching the Olympics with me, from the opening ceremony to many of the athletic events. She's watched everything from swimming to diving to rowing to beach volleyball to gymnastics...whatever has been on, she's watched it. I've had the TV on a lot in the last week and a half, but I figure it's okay, because the Olympics are a special event. And it's toward the end of summer break and Rachel is going a little stir-crazy, so this helps to keep her occupied.

When we first started watching, Rachel said "I wish I could be in the Olympics some day." So we talked about how she might be if she chose a sport and started working really hard. She really enjoyed the swimming events in particular, but she also has paid a lot of attention when the female gymnasts are on, asking questions about how they are. After the women's individual all-around was done and the medalists were receiving their medals, she asked me to put her medal on, so I pantomimed that. Then she said "Flowers, please." I handed her the bouquet of imaginary flowers, and she turned and held it over her head just like the gymnasts had done.

So who knows? Maybe in 12 or 16 years, we'll have our own little summer Olympian.

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