Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweet Sleep, Ye Still Elude Me

We've been letting Ben get himself back to sleep for the last couple of weeks.  On most nights, he wakes up a few times, fusses for a couple of minutes in a minor way, then quiets down and goes back to sleep on his own.  While it's good that he's getting himself back to sleep, the fact that he's still waking and fussing is waking me up, and I don't fall back asleep that quickly in general.  So this is totally kicking my butt.
The past 3 nights in particular have been rough, and my right eye had already started to twitch probably 4 days ago from tiredness, so Twitchy is still going strong.  Last night, I went to sleep at about 11:45, and Ben woke me up at 1:30.  I let him cry for a minute, but it started to get stronger and I could tell he wasn't going back to sleep easily on his own.  I figured his ibuprofen had probably worn off and his teeth were bothering him.
I went in to give him more medicine and a diaper change, then I took him over to the rocker hoping he'd lay against me and be lulled mostly back to sleep.  Instead, he put his forehead against mine, eyes wide open, and looked at me.  Much like the picture above, but not so crazed-looking.  I'd done that with him from the time he was a couple of months old, and he'd done it back a few times, but I would guess it's been at least 6 or 7 weeks since we last did that.
It was really sweet that he just did it out of the blue, and we sat like that for a minute or two, just looking at each other and enjoying the time.  Then I decided I needed to get him sleepy again or we'd never get any rest, so I nursed him and put him back to bed.  He promptly faceplanted and fell, presumably, right back to sleep.
If only I could do the same.

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