Friday, April 24, 2009

Intentions Made Known

Well, Rachel's been telling for months who she's going to marry when she's older. For a long time, it was this boy whose parents are in our small group. Then for a few days, it was a boy in her preschool, but she had recently announced that he was marrying someone else in her class and that she was going to marry the boy she had originally identified.

We had laughed nervously, not really sure what to say, so we never said much. He was here tonight with his family and as we were breaking up at the end of the evening, I heard some laughter and came in to hear someone else in our small group saying that Rachel had just told the boy she was going to marry him. There she was all cuddled up against him, it was a cute picture, the way she was looking at him. He was trying to ignore everything and focus on his handheld video game, until we all started paying attention at which point he said "Hey, what's that?" and pointed. She sat up, looked, and he quickly slipped from the room.

No big crisis for me about my daughter thinking about stuff like that; at this point she's so little it's still just cute for her, but probably embarassing for him. Serious bonus points to him for not saying anything to put her down. A wise and considerate young man, this one.

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