Thursday, April 02, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

Rachel was out of school all but 1 day last week due to flu, and this week she's out for spring break. As you may be able to imagine, extreme boredom, fussiness and whiness has set in. I had planned to come up with some activities this week to keep her from getting to that place, but her flu threw me off and put me in "just get through this time" mode, so I've been caught unprepared. And frustratingly, it seems like when she watches TV or plays on the computer, she's only fussier afterward when she has to stop and find something else to do. She also has gotten to where she expects/demands to be entertained, although if I can get her started on something, she can frequently play be herself for quite some time. I just have to get her to forget her diva demands and get wrapped up in her imagination.

Last night, I had the idea to put Rachel onto scavenger hunts for things. We came home from an errand this morning, and when she asked if she could watch a TV show, I suggested a scavenger hunt and explained how it would work. She got really excited, and we sat down and made a list together:

  • Something orange
  • Something with a face
  • Something that makes sound
  • Something that's smooth
  • Something purple
  • Something that's furry
  • Something hard
  • Something green
  • Something red
  • Something smooth
I used pens and crayons to draw patches of color, an object that's furry, an ear (to represent sound), and other cues to help her know what each item was since she doesn't know all those words yet.

She just completed it in about 5 minutes flat and wants to do another one. (Actually, she wants to create a scavenger hunt for me to do. Not sure that serves the purpose of keeping her busy.) Perhaps I need to come up with a tougher list so she has to think about it more. But I may be onto something. I definitely need to come up with or find online more games and activities to get her up and going.

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