Sunday, March 29, 2009

La La La

I think one of my most favorite things to do is be in church during the singing part holding a small baby, probably 9-12 months old.  I dance with them, I pat them to the rhythm of the music, they look at me, they look around, they smile, they have a good time.  At least this has been my experience with both Rachel and Ben.

With the advent of iTunes, we play a lot more music around the house.  The computer's in the kitchen and much of my post-work time at night with Ben is in the kitchen.  If I'm feeding him, I'll often do it standing up, sometimes even dancing* a little bit to the music. 

Ben has taken to singing.   Not super-frequent (he's also only randomly trying to say actual words, mostly preferring grunts and hisses) but he has done some expressions of noise that have gone up and down in pitch, today even very closely mimicking a repetitive song after only hearing it run through a bit twice.

He's also, and I'm not sure if I should mention this or not, occasionally doing the "Night at the Roxburry" headnod after seeing (sorry, Lori) Lori and I and Rachel do it last week when "What is Love" by Haddaway played.  For him, though, it seems to be something he does mostly when he's done and wants to get out of his high chair.

*If you've stumbled across the blog and are not a regular reader, I should disclaim that I am white.  Not only am I white, but I dance worse than most white people.  In fact, were I to dance in public, people would push me to the ground and then get in an argument about whether or not you're supposed to shove a wallet in someone's mouth in situations like this.

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