Monday, March 02, 2009

Photographic Proof of Said Tooth

Okay, it may not be the easiest to see yet, but if you look at this photo, you'll see a little white line above Ben's bottom lip, just to the right of center. That's the tooth - hallelujah!

Here's a closer view:

Today was somewhat miserable. He didn't want to take his morning nap, then cried his way (loudly) through the afternoon nap. He just was upset and seemed like he didn't feel good. I think it was more teething pain and feel so bad for him, but it's so frustrating when I try things and he still just screams at me. I know that this time will pass, though, and am glad that teething doesn't last forever.

And I love Ben's sweet little smile and how he lights up when he sees one of his family members, and his chuckle when Rachel does goofy stuff or when I'm kissing his tummy or tickling him. I think he's going to be a little boy who's full of laughter and fun, and I'm having such a good time seeing the changes he's already gone through and how interactive he is.

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