Monday, June 29, 2009

Get Down

"Get down!" has become one of Ben's favorite things to say. Granted, his vocabulary is still fairly limited, but he definitely has a soft spot for the phrase. He usually says it when he's being held and he starts wiggling to get down and walk around. He also says it when he's done eating (sometimes in conjunction with "All done"), and when he's in his stroller and he'd rather be walking.

Yesterday we were in the car on the way to Office Depot to pick up some printer ink, when what do I hear from the back seat? "Get down! Get down! Get down!" I'd tell him "You can't get out of your car seat! You need to stay buckled in when we're driving somewhere." And then I'd again hear "Get down! Get down! Get down!" That was a first, and the funny thing was how insistent he was about wanting to be out of his car seat. Usually when he doesn't want to be in there, he fusses, so it was a nice change :)

Although he obviously does not get the concept of automobile safety.

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