Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just a little late

Ack! We have so much we should be posting on here, and we're not. I'm going to try to post some of the stuff and get mostly caught up. It just feels like so many things are slipping through the cracks lately. It's hard to keep up with things with two kids. Makes me wonder if we're insane to be thinking of a future 3rd, but people manage to have more kids than that and do just fine. I'm sure we'll adjust if we add a third little Lamb one day.

Anyway, I had posted weeks ago about Ben's actual birthday and that we were having a party for him the following weekend. I had planned to post some photos from the party and completely forgot, so here are some of those photos:

Birthday boy enjoying some attention from his Grandma Jan and our friend Emily

Checking out sister Rachel's chair like a big boy

His cake was made by me - ignore the uneven sides, please.

Unlike his sister Rachel, Ben needed no persuading in order to dive into his cake. As you can see from the tiny pieces left on his tray, he dug in with gusto! This is a boy who likes chocolate.

It was hard to get Ben to settle down anywhere long enough to even sort of open a gift or two. This is one of the few things that caught his attention, a Slide 'n Learn storybook with Winnie the Pooh and friends, from his Uncle Jeff and Aunt Hillary (and baby cousin Andrew).

Here we are at the end of the party, looking and feeling wiped out, but happy. I think everyone had a good time, although I was racing around like a crazed woman trying to get things done in time for the party to start. My time management skills (or properly estimating how long things actually take) are something I'd really like to improve!

This first year has gone so quickly. I can only imagine how fast year 2 is going to go by - not to mention Rachel's Kindergarten year, which is rapidly approaching and will probably be here before I'm truly ready for it. No matter how long the summer may feel.

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