Saturday, August 01, 2009

Before & After

Ben had his third haircut today. I posted pictures from his first haircut, which was just a little trim to clean his hair up. The second cut gave him more of a little boy haircut, but the one he had today is shorter on top and makes him looks SO OLD. I swear he looks 2, except for the fact that he still only has 7 teeth.

Here's a picture from a few days ago:

And one from today:
I actually prefer his hair with a little more length on top, but we went to a different hairstylist today because I'd waited too long to make appointments and the one we usually use was all booked up. The nice thing is that, even though it's an Aveda salon, the kids only cost $5.50 plus $1 for every year of their age. So Ben was $6.50 and Rachel was $10.50, plus tip. You can't even get their hair cut that cheaply at Great Clips, and they get to go to a nice salon and have the same stylist (usually) cutting their hair, so it's someone familiar to them who knows how Ben's hair should look.

It's a bit more for mine, but after years of Super Cuts and Great Clips, James thought I deserved to go someplace a little more upscale and have my own regular person. And I agreed.


Ada said...

ooOOO and he's so dashing... watch out!!

Lori said...

You know, I worked in the nursery for 1 day during day camp. When it was snack time and Ben was sitting in his little chair eating, the 3 little girls that were in the room that day came over and were just hanging out by him as he ate, giving him raisins and crackers as he finished what I'd given him. It's already starting!

Gilda said...

He looks cute either way but longer hair is so...him! Just so cool and relaxed...surfer boy!