Monday, August 17, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Think We Have a Budding Writer

Rachel has started to write her own stories. Her first story, "The Big Pig," is still being edited and completed. She is literally coming up with a storyline, and going back through and making changes, before James helps her put the words down along with the illustrations she's already done. It's supposed to be a surprise for me, but she started working on in a while back and was telling me a little about it before she decided it was a surprise. So shhh, don't say anything to me about it.

Her second book was written last week and is "Barbie & The Dog & The Three Puppys." I think that one may already be complete - apparently she had a burst of inspiration.

Today she told me about a third book she'd just started, "The Rainbow Bird." Although the title she'd written herself was "The Rnbw Brd." She's really getting consonants down but still needs some work on vowels :)

I've heard a number of authors talk about how they've always written stories, even as children. Perhaps we have a little J.K. Rowling on our hands. Her creativity is inspiring, and I love that she just decided to start writing stories down. She's much better at using her imagination than I am, and I hope she never loses that.

She's starting to pick up on a lot of words all of a sudden, and it's exciting to see and hear her learning so much. I'm excited for her to be able to start reading more books and discovering some of them on her own, although it's also fun to read them with her. I hope that she loves reading as much as I did as a child, and still do.

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tvjames said...

Allison and I had an interesting discussion with Rachel about copyright laws and that she won't be able to sell copies of "Barbie and the Dog and the Three Puppies" because Mattel owns the rights and only they can write about Barbie.

She seemed ok with that and said she wouldn't sell it.

Glad to know that book three is going to again be an original work. The advanced outline I've heard so far is quite interesting.