Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Maybe it was a source of pride for me, but I never really feared death. If it happened, it would be sad for those around me (hopefully) but I never really feared for my own death. It wasn't that I didn't think about it, it's just that it didn't scare me.

For the second time at work, the death of a guy in their late 40's has come across my desk. (I maintain the website for my church.) The first guy (48) had three kids in the High School and Jr. High ministries and actually had a heart attack and died while playing Nintendo with his youngest son. The second guy (49) makes me come really close to crying. He leaves behind an 8-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy. While there's never a good time, six years is just way too few years to spend with your children.

It's selfish of me, but I want to see my daughter's high school and college graduations. I want to give her away in marriage. I want to hold her children in my arms. Many, many people live to see those things happen. But not everyone does.

Sorry if this is a downer. No pithy "enjoy each day," just some somber thoughts.